Benefits of iPushToTalk

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  • Group calls with 250 contacts.
    Create groups from your contacts and securely make calls over America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network.
  • Faster call setup speed.
    Set up calls almost twice as fast as your current service (available on 4G LTE).
  • Connect over Wi-Fi.
    Make and receive calls over compatible Wi-Fi networks, including public hotspots, home networks and corporate networks.
  • Talker priority.
    Give your leaders the ability to override group calls and be the only speaker everyone hears.
  • Know who’s available.
    See the real-time status of each SkyNetPTT contact, so you know who’s available, who’s offline and who not to disturb.
  • Late join and rejoin.
    Join calls late or rejoin calls you stepped away from.
  • Available on tablets.
    Put SkyNetPTT on 4G LTE– and Wi-Fi-connected tablets for easier viewing and increased productivity.
  • Dispatch console.
    Improve communications through a dispatch console where a dispatcher can easily identify where an employee is and quickly talk with them.