iPushtoTalk Business Page

iPushToTalk is great for personnel and business use worldwide using your own windows computer or having us host your services in your country. Fast, Secure and Reliable.

– Walkie Talkie Push to Talk private and group calls
– Video PTT calls
– Voice PTT calls
– Emergency groups
– Priorities for users and groups
– GPS tracking. Google map and OpenStreetMap support
– Text Chat. Text messaging capabilities for subscribers or groups.

– Adjustable voice quality.
– Availability of PC Dispatch Console application for Windows.
– WalkieFleet is the private system. WalkieFleet Server must be installed at the customer facilities to enable communication.
– Client connections can be established through any wireless IP network (Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, etc.).
– WalieFleet Walkie Talkie Server supports multiple isolated communication networks in scope of single server instance.
– All Video and Voice calls are recorded at WalkieFleet Server.