iPushtoTalk Service

SKYNETPTT service which is based on multi-functional and visualization dispatching system, It includes private call, group calls, sending message, inviting dynamic group, disconnecting, stun, monitor, GPS positioning etc. It can provide timely dispatching function for company. Operation environment of REAL-PTT dispatcher station is Windows XP, it is recommended to use 1024 x768 screen resolution.

SKYNET dispatcher functions >

  1. Choose country of choice
  2. Group call
  3. Call logs
  4. Contact list
  5. Local audio
  6. Network audio
  7. Private call
  8. Stun
  9. Disconnect
  10. Force to join
  11. Invite dynamic group
  12. Send message one to one
  13. Send message one to group
  14. Monitor each group
  15. View user location
  16. Obtain user path for past one month
  17. Export user tracking for 300 points
  18. Choose time zone
  19. SOS