iPushtoTalk WalkieFleet

WalkieFleet = Video+Voice Walkie Talkie!

WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie is broadband PTT software providingvoice and video PTT calls, message exchange and location tracking in one solution. WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie Server is implemented as Windows service. Clients are based on Android.


WalkieFleet introduces new approach to professional communication. Now push to talk call is not just the voice, but also video stream captured from smartphone or tablet video camera. Push PTT button and start immediate video and voice transmission to group or specific user.

WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console

WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console is Windows based application providing dispatch control capabilities over multiple WalkieFleet communication networks.

Radio Gateway ST-RoIP3-WalkieFleet

Radio Gateway ST-RoIP3-WalkieFleet produced by Solidtronic (Innotek Company Limited) allows voice interconnection of professional two-way radios with WalkieFleet clients. ST-RoIP3 Radio Gateway connects to professional two-way radio through the variety of cables and hosts WalkieFleet Android client to talk to WalkieFleet voice groups.

Professional Walkie Talkie Devices

WalkieFleet implements specific support for the devices listed below to deliver professional walkie talkie communication. We enabled processing of hardware PTT and Emergency buttons available on the devices which are operating even when device screen is off.

Install Your Own Walkie Talkie Server

WalkieFleet is the ideal solution to have full featured voice and video communication service at office or even at home. Install WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie Server right at your facilities and be independent from any kind of external providers.

New Generation of Walkie Talkie Communication

We are observing interesting trend in two-way radio world. Professional radios are getting more and more digitized. And it is not only about the way of voice transmission, it is about business logic capabilities. Good examples are digital radios based on DMR standard. The capabilities of digital technologies brought two-way radios on completely new level of professional communication with the whole family of software applications.