iPushToTalkTM-7 3G/WiFi IRN Mobile Network Radio


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The iPushToTalk TM-7, a best seller network radio, is the first award winning mobile network POC Radio. Great for amateur radio use with the new IRN platform, for WalkieFleet via 3G or WiFi.

And it works as WiFi hotspot too! Check the iPushToTalk TM-7 PTT4U professional version. The iPushToTalk TM-7 is a network radio. It does not have a VHF or UHF RF module.

The iPushToTalk TM7, a best seller network radio is the first mobile network POC Radio. It’s fully compliant with the WalkieFleet network, with global range.
As this is a radio based on Android, you are able to make and receive phone calls, send SMS/texts and install any apps you like from the Play Store.

You can do anything you would do on a regular android smartphone!

GPS + Compass precise navigation and positioning Military quality
■ Music
■ Video
■ Browser
■ Google search and Maps
■ Navigation